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I do beleive that Brad has had a few flings though…all for his aging ego. I wonder how these people would feel if someone in their town spread lies about them and people hated them, and for no other reason than they heard or read lies?

It amazes me that any story about Angelina is believed. Keira knightley nude photos. Is Brad eye humping the audience? So what if she did? She returns to her motel room to find it ransacked and occupied by a mountain lion.

LMAO he never even met her, oh and Angie flew to a movie set to break up an affair Brad is having with someone he never even met. She called her affair with Billy Bob a big romance and he called it something else. Bella heathcote nude pics. I think you speak for yourself. Bella even dreams of one day filming nude scenes with Brad, allegedly.

Not all movies are intended to be read like books; some are meant to be experienced," going on to call it a "film that is guaranteed to elicit strong reactions. I think Angelina needs alot of experiences to keep her happy. April 9, at 1: Angelina is still one of the most dazzling beauties in hollywood. Christ, you people are out of your minds. Tree man danny jones naked. I personally think Brad is a douche who at least knows how to hide his douchiness well, but at least Star should find real douche material to work with before putting this crap out.

A distraught Sarah asks her how it feels to be the one everyone admires. I understand Ashton Kutcher is his interrior designer. Do a Google image search and see its effects if you want to be heartbroken. He pays no attention to Sarah but is entranced by Jesse. Try damn harder than that. April 8, at The plot follows an aspiring model in Los Angeles whose beauty and youth generate intense fascination and jealousy within the industry.

As far as the tabloids, there was no smoke, apart from the tabloid lies. I love Angie but I think she is alot more sexually demanding than Brad. Ruby pushes Jesse into a huge empty swimming pool, breaking her leg. Retrieved March 31, Retrieved May 10,

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Terrified, she calls Ruby, who tells her to come over.

A very good point.

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So Star makes up an entire story based on something this poor actress said because they have nothing else. Massage big ass xxx. So, why are posters being ganged up on because their hypotheses about certain celebs show that they think a particular celeb is selling them bs. In the midst of the shoot, Gigi feels ill and leaves. Heathcote does look like she could be the progeny of those two, though.

The man told her he had feelings for someone else and ended the marriage. I just find is weird that certain posters like Beth fail to see that Jolie is a 35 year old Mother of 6 in a loving and monogamous relationship with Brad Pitt.

April 7, at 5: She is nothing like Angelina. Making up lies and potentially hurt a family like the Jolie-Pitts to sell magazines is despicable! I swear to god, my problem has never been with Brad or Angelina, but rather with their bat-shit crazy, psychotic stalker fans. Bella heathcote nude pics. There is nothing to indicate they are anything other than entirely supportive of one another.

The tabloids are beyond ridiculous with these fake stories. I think the evidence speaks for itself. Bytheway…none of this is really directed at you. Lesbian snogging porn. The absolute funniest thing about this story is Brad is cheating on Angie with an actress no one knows…not even him!!!!

Every hit this thread gets shows the site owners that these stories get a lot of attention, meaning more traffic for their site which can lead to more money for them by attracting more advertisers. Gigi Hadid's controversial cover. After seeing how much money the Jesse James mistresses and the Beckham mistresses got from the tabs.

No one is allowed to defend her. Retrieved April 18, Whether or not Dern knew his wife was pregnant when she decided to jump into bed with Parker is open to question. She was a grown woman and should have known better. If you base thing on what Angelina herself said in interviews, she is extremely traditional when it comes to relationships.

Retrieved January 20, Its sad that so many people hate someone based on slander in tabloids. Girl fucked in ass first time. As for the Ethan Hawke story it started because she went to a baseball game with the entire cast and crew of her movie. However, they seem to be bound together by very strong emotional bonds, not to mention six children.

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