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Jen shouldn't sue after being assulted, and, Keisha shouldn't get the authorities involved when you get drunk and STEAL her belongings. Naked sex video. I have new found respect and sympathy for Shaq. Nude pics evelyn lozada. You could have came up from the valley several times by standing up and speaking out for what is right.

I wouldn't say we're percent but we are cordial. You people kill me. You girls should be ashamed of your selves. Royce is just a big kid that needs to grow up! I loved watching these women. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Evelyn and Tami live their life focused on what people say about them. I made him meals at 2am, our sexual life was great, for example, but when women are throwing themselves at you, it's hard.

Because u see yourselves in one of these women. Let me stop posting blogs. Fuck yang girl. They were strong and fearless as we all should be. Email required Address never made public. Apr 22 by Natasha. Nia you were looking to get your bitch ass a spot ,too bad. Im mean mugged by ignorant woman everyday. The only thing she said the first time her and Jen talked about was that Jen said that her and Evelyn didn't date the same kind of men. They know what each and every one of r bout. Friends don't do that to friends.

Who cares if Evelyn has proof. As a woman of color and high position of authority in male dominatefd field, I admire shauni and ladies of BBW. I will continue to watch, cry, admire, be inspired, and yell at my tv. Oily tit massage. Cause why would u thing they would act any others way they was like that 3 shows b for u got there. I commend Tami for going to counseling, but she's going to need alot of it. It was the most apaulling embarrassing degrading lack of buffoonery these people could portray.

I wonder would she same the same if someone slapped her or worse if it was one of her daughters.

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I can't really speak on it because there's still an investigation, but I can say it became bigger than those pictures. Thailand women nude. The only thing not degrading on tv is joel olsteen. You could have came up from the valley several times by standing up and speaking out for what is right.

Log in to post a new comment Log in to post a new comment log in register Sign in with Facebook. You people kill me. Now you wanna speak on being classsssy! With Jen and eve if eve really want to fight her she had plenty of times to do it she was just hurt and wanted to know why some who pose to b my friend would do me like that cause had that been any other board she would have jumped on they ass.

Jennifer has slept with so many men on the down low you would not believe. One more thing u know this shit is for tv cause if they was real with it why u don't hear bout them on the tv news or in the paper or on the radio actin like that in the resteraunt or clubs or any were there r no cameras. And isnt that "mentor" comment a slap in oprahs face? U all r readin to much in to this. Nude pics evelyn lozada. Notify me of new comments via email. Hot hunks nude pics. You are embarrassed about your own behavior and tries to take it out on Jen.

I could care less about how those women live their lives nor do I look up to any reality tv celebrity as my remodel! Keisha is always wanting to throw rocks then hide her hands.

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If it weren't for the fans, the show wouldn't be on the air. Came to find out it was someone else and she was taunting me, basically saying, 'I hope your show is successful because I'm going to make money off of you. I believe Tami would have done it, but I guess the producers knew the show couldn't survive if anyone got killed.

Let me stop posting blogs. Your just not on tv. In my heart I know Antoine loved me to death but he strayed when he was on the road because it was easy and convenient. Shaunie get some backbone and tell Evelyn and Tammi to buy, borrow or steal some class.

Seems like you want people to believe all you all do is sit and sip tea and be 'graceful' and 'ladylike'. You make all woman of color look bad and TAMMI you are a joke because as soon as this reunion show is over and the cameras are off you will still be the same old bitch in the foodstamp line and being just as ignorant as you have ever been, get real, and EVELYN you want everyone to feel sorry for you so you can get you show on back in the lineup, you not fooling anyone, but yourself so you talk about being real be real, you are a BULLY and that part of you will never change.

Suzie get a back bone and a voice for yourself. Get every story in your inbox! A long time fur enthusiast, Lozada says she joined the campaign after watching a video depicting the mistreatment of animals in order to get their fur and she says she is cleaning out her closet of any fur she owned.

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