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What do you think about this? I enjoy my DS and adult games like any other person, but those games are kept free and clear of the little ones. Naked girls with cum on them. What an interesting day and age we live in. Ellen page video game nude. That would be possible on PC regardless of if you were a dev or not, so I'm not sure why people are automatically pointing fingers at the devs themselves when it could and would have been someone else down the line.

But, does that justify leaving a fully nude model in the final version of the game with an actress that most likely has no nudity in her contract? Are they liable simply because someone found a way to view that model in an unintended way? I have no idea about this specific image, but all of the rest of her images, they did hyper-detailed facial and physical mapping, there's a really interesting behind the scenes video on youtube: This might be a thin technicality considering that the character was directly modeled off of motion capture data provided by Page, but court cases have hinged on smaller issues.

Well, I don't have kids, but working three jobs and sleep eat up disproportionately large parts of my time, and I find myself in a very similar boat. In this case, Quantic Dream is in a sort of gray area. Is Beyond Two Souls any different? Related Items ellen page nsfw. When that didn't work, Abrams contacted Sony via Weil to warn of an impending lawsuit on behalf of Ellen Page. It annoyed me so much in the last of us, such a put off.

So Reddit user DJMockingJay managed to get some uncensored photos from the debug mode where free-camera mode was enabled, allowing the user to snap some pictures of Ellen Page's 3D alter ego, Jodie, completely and entirely in the buff. Well the game actually made me like Ellen Page, idk I prefer it at, to 'the last of us'. It really isn't that hard. Milf loves young dick. Anyway, if I were Ellen, I probably would, tbh. Amy White December 3,9: Following a leak of images showing a nude version of Ellen Page's character in Beyond: Of course, that someone went through the trouble to do this isn't surprising: Two Souls is Juno and Inception star Ellen Page, who donned a black catsuit covered in ping pong balls and allowed Quantic Dream to record her movements with 64 Vicon cameras.

Obviously once they've made it as far as Reddit, you'll never ever be able to truly get rid of even a small percentage of them, but it seemed logical that Sony was freaking out. Too much violence, sex and drugs for one. The plot holes are considerably reduced, however not completely eliminated. When we originally wrote about Beyond: Representatives for Sony Computer Entertainment, and Jeffrey Abrams, did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

Sony has been cracking down on sites that posted the uncensored nude images. They comb over everything to find cheats and create mods. What meaning does the entire idea of nudity have in a world where photorealistic 3-D models of any person can be created?

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The game received polarized critical reception upon its release. Why are you even debating smh. Young looking girl fucked. During action sequences, like chases or hand-to-hand combatthe cinematography moves into slow motion whilst Jodie performs the physical manoeuvre; during this time, the player must determine the direction Jodie is moving and push the controller stick in that direction to complete the action.

Most of all, we try to create an emotion, to make players live something strong and unique, which remains an ambitious challenge in a video game. You can turn that timer off. Debuggers, hackers and information pilfers aren't done sifting the likes of Beyond: He understands it is an adult game and has stopped asking for it.

What about Sony and Quantic Dream's possible legal liability in creating the nude 3D model that actually shows up in these shots? Two Souls is an interactive drama action-adventure video game for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 home video game consoles, developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Anyway, if I were Ellen, I probably would, tbh.

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Sony and Quantic Dream have not responded to requests for comment on this story. This kind of embarrassing, tawdry celebrity gossip is pretty common in the entertainment industry, even if it's relatively rare in video games particularly. Ellen page video game nude. It's so people can do their legacies and whatnot and take pictures for blogs, but still. Big ass white girls compilation. She did, however, appear nude in a video game. Retrieved 23 August The actors in the game worked during the year-long project in Quantic Dream's Paris studio to perform on-set voice acting and motion-capture acting.

Tldr, was her rendered image supposed to be nude, is that scripted in the game story. Well apparently Page is known for having a strict no nudity policy for projects she is a part of. Conversation prompts float in the air, defaulting to a certain choice if too much time passes before selection. Jodie and a CIA team led by Ryan destroy an underwater-facility housing a Chinese-developed condenser before it is used to attack the United States.

I know that can be disheartening with searches for "boobs" are much more prevalent than searches for "great games my kids can play on the DS" but there's a good fight to fight here. Two Souls features a shower sequence, but it does not contain visible nudity: It's unclear where the legal action went, if anywhere, after that.

This is what they had to say: Two Soulsexclusively for the PS3 right now. It really isn't that hard. Scandals revolving around supposedly inaccessible adult content in games aren't completely unheard of, though; remember GTA: At this point RealGamerNewz is waiting on further statements from the two parties in question before making any concrete assumptions about what will happen next.

Had it been cut, they speculated, hackers would not have been able to see the full virtual nude model. To see this nude version of her, you have to hack the console.

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